who are we?

Originally conceived as a brand that allowed a number of different talented individuals to combine their skills to match unique client scenarios, emergentedge has now grown to deliver a truly global reach with clients and partners in many markets and in many countries. We are a business built on long term client partnering, delivering significant business improvement and value.

Formed in 2002, the emergentedge joint managing partners, Andy Pellant and Louise Whitehead, have worked with a team of senior partners and associate partners to create a unique practice working alongside some of the largest names in British, European and Global Corporate life.

With associates working across most European countries and partners in the USA, we represent the new breed of professional service based firms operating in the transformational change, OD, Learning and Leadership marketplace. Each partner maintains his or her own client list, as well as coming together to bring their diverse experience to bear when working with a major opportunity.

All of the emergentedge senior team have held main board operational roles in international organisations and have worked extensively coaching and working with senior management teams in a variety of functional and organisational settings.

emergentedge have earned a reputation for high integrity approaches to significant corporate projects and, with no direct employees and a virtual structure, we feel we have connected and collected a unique group of people who could never be found inside a single company – partly because many of us regard ourselves as unemployable!

As one of the 'new breed' of professional services firms we wear the label 'virtual' with pride and with responsibility.

By not investing in buildings, meeting rooms, employed staff and, by keeping our original ethos of only bidding for business where we believe that we can offer genuine advantage to our clients, we are never in the position of trying to sell resources into clients where the match is anything other than 100%, nor do we need to cover our infrastructure costs within our day-rate.

We are also able to walk away from business where we believe that the engagement is neither well thought through nor entered into with integrity.

We are not unique but we are different – and that difference is the reason why many of our clients want to work with us for long periods of time. We need to get to know you before we can demonstrate that difference. We look forward to that opportunity and we can promise you honesty, integrity, respect and an investment – we’ll only ask you to pay for something when you believe that we can help!