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The capability that underpins the majority of client projects is our willingness and ability to enter into the arena of measuring, confronting and developing behaviour sets and ranges of attitudes that are specifically aligned to the present and future needs of the business.

Having developed a bespoke range of non-psychometric behavioural, attitudinal and style based inventory systems over the past 20 years we are able to offer genuine insights into personal, team and business level preferences and traits – many of these attributes and behaviours may explain the historical success of a business – some of which may be less useful on the next phase of the corporate journey.

Our underlying and academically robust architectures provide a powerful starting point for business development projects. We are able to measure current state dynamics and measure end state results in a way that provides greater access to genuine Return on Investment data for this kind of work.

As individuals we tend to measure ourselves against our own intentions - 'My intention was to help you achieve your goal…' – but we measure others by what they say and do – 'He always tries to take over – he obviously doesn't trust us to get the job done'. By using our bespoke systems, products and services it becomes possible to enter into the most direct of behavioural conversations without the traditional risks of defensiveness and denial.

The best way of discovering the power of the system? Just ask, and we will provide you with access to our online system and we'll arrange an hour to give you the feedback generated by the 15 page personalised report.

Many of our client relationships have started as a result of a conversation generated by the trial of one of our profiles. To experience BASIS for yourself simply click on the BASIS link below and we will create an account for you and contact you when your report is ready. 

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