A non psychometric profiling system designed to create powerful insights into the behaviors, attitudes and styles of an individual or groups.

Initially designed to assess entrepreneurial behvaiours and funded by the city who wanted to know more about how people may behave with any funding they offered, the BASIS profile is used as:

  • a diagnostic tool for leadership, personal and team development planning and coaching,
  • a pre-start and start-up profile within the business support sector and franchise community designed in particular to support individuals approaching self-employment or micro-start for the first time,
  • an enterprise profiling tool used to identify the growth potential of a business, and provides indicators of possible barriers to success.

The profile can also enable 'baselining' - allowing you to assess the impact of interventions.

The key features include:

  • individual and team based
  • can be used as basis on an excellence study (what is different about our best people?)
  • strong research base
  • online and 'on paper'
  • tailored feedback and data analysis
  • detailed reports for clients and practitioners
  • barrier and skill assessments
  • management information and statistics
  • training and CPD programme for practitioners.

Many of our client relationships have started as a result of a conversation generated by the trial of one of our profiles. To experience BASIS for yourself simply click on the BASIS link below and we will create an account for you and contact you when your report is ready. 

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