corporate culture and individual behaviour

or 'who have you got coming to work for you?'

As part of the history of our organisation we have individually and collectively been involved in a wide range of 'data' related activities. As a result we have now formalised that history into a range of products, services and consulting packages that deliver high-quality and high-value culture, leadership, management, talent, recruitment and people based data-sets into the hands of those people who are genuinely interested in 'knowing where we are starting from' - before making the huge mistake of investing in the destination and the process without realising that they were not starting from the place that the plan assumed.

Our data is not only used as part of an organisational GPS process to establish where we are. It can also be used to measure progress and to help confirm arrival at a destination - so our approach is more like a SatNav than almost anything else.

Our data has helped organisations:

  • make decisions that everyone knew had to be taken – but no one was brave enough to do it without the numbers
  • complete change and transformation journeys more effectively and at less cost.

Our data can also be triangulated:

  • internally, against known individuals, teams or business units that display excellence and approaches that we wish were more commonly found across the enterprise
  • against external groups that already exist within our databases which allows you to compare and contrast data with other organisations.

Questions we have been asked by clients:

"How can we discover and gain advantage from knowing more about our individual employee, team and culture behavioural and attitudinal preferences?"