why we started the business

emergentedge began as the response to an opportunity that required the existence of a 'real' business entity to qualify as part of the procurement process (something that we have worked hard to avoid ever since). Given that none of the core team could win the business as a sole-trader we created an organisation that quickly established a valued difference with our growing client list. Most of our competitors were larger firms and business schools who seemed focused on selling their own 'solutions' whereas emergentedge went to market looking to create the 'right' solution for the presenting client need. 

Once established we were able to grow the business without the need to market or advertise ourselves – simply by word of mouth, recommendation and referral.

By the way, we lost the first bid that we went for but we so enjoyed the experience of working together that we kept behaving as a real business…and eventually we became one!

We're committed to continuing the development of emergentedge to enable us all to work with the very best talent available, to have fun and to create a business we can be proud of and be able to say 'We did that!'