what makes us different?

Our approach

emergentedge recognises the need for every organisation to find a solution that works for them, for the current set of business conditions and for the next phase of business development. Expecting to find the answer is simply naïve!

We simply believe that each organisation, each team, each brand and each individual needs to develop a set of core capabilities that enable s them to learn and adapt quicker and more effectively that their competitors – all strategies must be emergent and the advantage created provides a competitive edge.

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Our infrastructure and costs

Unlike the large consulting firms and the business schools we have no core architecture that we need to promote – nor do we have expensive properties, high fixed costs and a need to provide work for our employees – we haven't got any! We simply work with sponsors within our clients to develop a series of measureable interventions that support a 'future-proofing' strategy and create additional capability for today, tomorrow and – who know what may lie around the corner?

Our people

The other difference….well, we’ve all been where you are. Our team is drawn from people who have successfully formed, grown and managed large companies and operated at board level.

  • We won't insult you by putting graduates on the team.
  • We won't charge you to help us sell you more 'days'.
  • We will treat you like adults – no role plays, no games, no outward bound adventures or fire walking.

We will deliver new information that promotes greater understanding and acceptance of the need for behavioural and attitudinal change within the business – and we'll support the creation of a greater sense of internal belief in people's ability to contribute beyond the job role – releasing discretionary contribution at every level.

Our relationships

We know that we do not suit every client situation or every client. If you feel that you could do business with us, then simply ask to meet the managing partners. We will invest heavily in helping you understand whether we are right for you and your organisation – you really have nothing to lose.

Questions we have been asked by clients:

"Isn’t the emergentedge approach just another in a long line of fads and 'great ideas' from book-writing gurus and business schools?"