transformation and change

During the past 25 years the vast majority of organisations have struggled to transform and change their businesses. Recognising that the key must lay in their people they have looked to implement quality centric initiatives, organisational development tools, people process centric initiatives like Investors in People and score cards, ESI (employee satisfaction indices) and CSI (customer satisfaction indices)

Few of these initiatives recognise the unique nature of each organisation and the individuals within it.

Few have resulted in the key organisational benefits required.

Few have delivered on the leadership or talent agenda.

And in the main they supplement and augment existing capabilities to deliver current needs rather than instigate sustainable transformation and progress.

So what are the true 'levers' of transformation and change in their own right?

We work to identify those levers which will work for you by using our model of organisational change.

Questions we have been asked by clients:

"How, and what, can we learn from other organisations, their mistakes
and successes, so that we have a better chance of implementing sustainable
change and transformation?"

"Given that the People Functions within my business (HR – OD – Training)
have been only partially successful in leading change and transformation –
how could an external firm succeed in creating momentum and overcoming
the inertia that exists in senior and middle management?