team and individual development

Strong teams achieve the best results and in a world where the ability to execute strategy is becoming even more important than strategy itself, we believe high-performance teams create a genuine source of competitive advantage. The trick however is to maintain that performance despite changes in those within the team and around.

The irony is that when you were at school team-working was called 'cheating', yet the businesses of the 21st century need to harness the power of team working to create the flexibility, devolved decision making and 'speed across the ground' that global competitive pressure has created for every company.

Team working is no longer an optional 'nice to have' in an effective manager or employee. Team working is the way of the future – smaller groups of people operating larger chunks of a business working more and more like entrepreneurs and less and less like employees.

Whether you're a leadership team of seven, a functional group of seventy or a business division of seven hundred, the emergentedge team has the proven ability to help you release the true power of teams.

Questions we have been asked by clients:

"How can you build high performance teams and sustain performance over time?"

"How can we authentically promote a culture where challenge and disagreement
are seen as positive expressions of excellence and the drive for quality?