what do we do?

emergentedge work with you to understand your industry and your business, your challenges and your opportunities. It is this combination of detailed research and understanding and our expertise in people and organisational development that enables us to support you to accelerate your business performance by the provision of services in the areas of:

  • transformation and change
  • talent and potential management
  • leadership development
  • franchise, enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • team and individual development
  • corporate culture and individual behaviour.

Does that sound a little 'soft'? Well it isn't! It has been too easy for organisations to dismiss the soft stuff in favour of 'hard' measurements. The trouble is that the 'hard-stuff' is easy and the 'soft-stuff' is hard!

Working closely with our clients, we look to identify and break-down ineffective working styles and develop appropriate and aligned methods to deliver:

  • increased organisational capability and resilience
  • robust, effective and egneuine leadership at all levels
  • enhanced levels of confidence, motivation and contribution by individuals and team
  • greater clarity and connection to the mission and vision of the business objectives
  • active talent and potential management
  • truly entrepreneurial and enterprising behaviours at all levels
  • less reliance on score cards and metrics
  • reduced levels of suppression, pressure and stress.

We do this through a wide range of interventions, each being unique to the organisation but they could be defined as consultancy, development programmes, team support, executive coaching, behavioural profiling, people strategies, organisation design and implementation.