talent and potential management

During many years of working in, and writing about, the area of talent, in all of its forms, we have created a robust suite of approaches, services and products to assist any organisation define, recognise, recruit, develop, retain and deploy those people that are best able to deliver the capabilities needed to deliver the strategic plan.

We firmly believe that one of the greatest talents that an individual can possess is adaptability, otherwise, the best person to lead a business through growth may need to be replaced in a period of retrenchment and survival. Not everyone can do everything…..but it is also our experience that most organisations fail to recruit people well and that most interviews still focus on the history of the CV or resumé and not enough time is spent exploring the questions: how will this person behave under pressure? is this person 'pre-loaded' with the culture and behaviour set that we are looking for?

Some organisations confuse performance and potential. In our experience very few really high performers have the potential to go more than one level up in the organisation but many people with potential (maybe in the wrong job or working for the wrong boss) have the ability to become better or even great performers.

There are very few businesses out there that can afford to be left in the hands of one super-talent....the shareholders and stakeholders always feel better when the culture is one that understands the human talent needed to achieve the strategy, implements coherent approaches to deliver against that goals and constantly refreshes the agenda to ensure that today’s talent isn't tomorrow’s contingent liability.

For an example of how we have helped a client achieve this, see the story of talent development.

Questions we have been asked by clients:

"How can we attract, identify, retain, nurture and develop the talent
that we need to future-proof our business?