question seven

How can we attract, identify, retain, nurture and develop the talent that we need to 'future-proof' our business?

In a recent survey of 400 organisations:

  • 94% believe talented employees improve profits
  • 84% believe they have latent talent.


  • 77% Have no talent management strategy.

It is our view that the answer to this question lies in the development a talent management strategy to attract develop and retain your talent.


  • create an employer brand
  • ensure recruitment strategy is aligned to business needs
  • look for talent at all levels
  • hunt for talent all the time – not just to fill jobs
  • break the compensation rules if necessary.


  • development has to be aligned to the business strategy
  • applied to all levels of the organisation
  • designed to deliver a supply of key talent for the future
  • recognise that 84% of executive development comes from experiential learning and 16% from formal events
  • role of coaching and mentoring.


  • create an employer value proposition reflecting the whole experience
  • align reward strategy to business needs
  • design development experiences that deliver organisational and career needs
  • processes need to be transparent with open feedback
  • 'tough love'.

For an example of how we've worked with a client in this area, see this story about developing talent.