question eight

How can we discover and gain advantage from knowing more about our individual employee, team and culture behavioural and attitudinal preferences?

In every business, irrespective of size or market, the most important ingredient for success, we believe, is the enterprise capability and behaviour of its people, its leadership, management and its teams. Knowing more about your people, teams and culture requires a multi faceted approach.

Our discovery approach includes two key areas of research:

Secondary research

Using existing organisational data, CSI, ESI, retention figures, etc. to make an assessment of the cultural map of the business and behavioural preferences – in essence, a review of what seems to work, how people make it work or get in the way and what may need to be changed to facilitate an acceleration of performance.

Primary research

The creation of new data based on a combination of profiling techniques and/or interview based approaches to create an overview for the senior management team or an individual sponsoring the worksteam, normally a HRD or CEO / COO. Our primary research tool is a bespoke profiling instrument called BASIS (Business Attitude and Styles Information System) that delivers individual and team based data concerning behaviours and attitudes that may be present within the culture.

And to gain advantage from this research?

Well we take many paths according to what we discover.

Our overall approach however is to work with you and your people to contract and gain genuine employee engagement – see how our approach makes us different.

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