question nine

How can we explore whether franchising might work for us taking into account the commercial, financial and people options, choices and implications?

Franchising is not an easy option, but it can be the right option and highly successful for both the franchise brand partner and the company.

We adopt and recommend a stepped approach which we tailor to the needs of the business:

Step 1: Initial Meeting – why franchising brand partnering?

Step 2: Follow-up Options – these could include:

  • going straight to proposal,
  • or gathering the appropriate people to define the true organisation value.

Step 3: Overall feasibility project

  • Financial / commercial template
  • People template
  • Organisational template

Step 4: Stage-Gate Review. Do we go to Pre-Pilot Preparation?

Step 5: Pre-Pilot Preparation

Step 6: Stage-Gate Review. Do we go to Pilot?

Step 7: Pilot

Step 8: Stage-Gate Review. Do we go to Roll-Out?

Step 9: Roll-Out – to spec at Stage 6

Step 10: On-Going Support – to spec at Stage 8

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