question four

Are our leaders the leaders our business needs for this phase of our development, or are they being the leaders they find it easiest to be?

Annoying though you may find this, the answer to this question we believe lies in three more questions:

  • What does your business need now in this phase of development?
  • Who have you got coming to work for you?
  • What is the definition of success that we need for this next phase of our business's development?

1. What your business needs may be well known and well researched

It is our experience that different leadership styles, behaviours and approaches are needed in different times and that situational leadership (the Ken Blanchard model) is a model we certainly endorse and apply.

In uncertain times strength of conviction mixed with humanity, humility and rigour would appear to be appropriate. Leading from anywhere other than the front is not an option. See our work on the three intelligences of leadership.

If what your business needs are not clear nor known then research and diagnosis is required; see our approach.

2. Knowing who you have coming to work for you is essential

Are our leaders being the leaders we need being strong, acting with conviction, whilst at the same time understanding the need to act with humanity, humility and rigour?

Or are they reverting to old ways failing to own up to what they know to be wrong, avoiding confrontation or reverting to old school ways of shouting, domineering and bullying?

Facing up to these questions and the answers take courage...but the rewards are considerable.

3. Being clear about the success criteria for the next phase of our business's development is crucial

It is our experience that many organisations are either reluctant to or too keen to change and develop the top-team. Just because they got us here or just because they happen to be in the board room when things go wrong is no reason to believe that they are right for the next phase – nor is it a reason to believe that they are not. The emergentedge approach is to seek a process of alignment between the needs of the business (strategy) and capabilities, behavioural DNA and culture of the top team. By taking this approach we are able to support you in building the team that you need, recruiting the team that you need and retaining the team that you need.