question eleven

Isn’t the emergentedge approach just another in a long line of fads and ‘great ideas’ from book-writing gurus and business schools?

It's certainly a point of view.

And we are not the answer to all your issues.

Neither do we pretend to be the right choice for an external provider for all companies.

Indeed we have also chosen on occasions to walk away from a piece of work for this very reason.

However, we do have a track record in OD, transformation and change, leadership, team and personal development and profiling that is hard to match amongst other providers.

One of our key realisations a few years ago was the growing drive for organisations to respond well to 'common sense' – our concern is that Common Sense is not always Common Practice! Our pragmatic and practical approaches are based on many years of experience in leading large organisations and working with many other businesses through or involvement in emergentedge.  We have watched many fads and fashions come and go and we believe that we have learned much along the way.

Our business is based on strong values of long term client relationships, engaging only the best board room credible resources, genuinely challenging, at times brave and robust initiatives and a desire to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

Ultimately only you can answer the question.

For further information see our client stories and what makes us different.