question five

How can we build high performance teams and sustain performance over time?

In our experience high performing teams who consistently perform, despite changes in membership and even leadership, have one key ingredient in common - a strong performance framework.

And this covers four areas:

1. Clarity of their business agenda: vision, stakeholders, priorities etc.

2. A strong well communicated performance framework: people are clear about what is expected of them and how their success will be measured.

3. Highly capable skilled team members working with a flexible and adaptable leader: operating within the realms of the three leadership intelligences.

4. Explicit team values and expected behaviours.

The words sound easy. The application is not.

We work with a variety of teams from the sports arena to the board room to the factory floor, to support them in the process of defining their business agenda, understanding each other, their behaviours and preferences (see who have you got working for you), and getting to a point of transparency with each other and their performance and values.

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