leadership development

Most, if not all, organisations are looking for faster change and more effective leadership - especially when times are tough. As such leaders face huge challenges to deliver results now - whilst maintaining and enhancing the health of the organisation and employees for the future. In our experience too many organisations pay lip-service to the notion of leadership when what they really want is additional effort, compliance and more efficient management. What we know is they need both!

So when we are asked to come and talk about leadership development our first question is:

"Do we need more managers doing management or do we need more people being leaders?"

Some organisations have accepted the fact that leadership and management are two distinctly different ways of operating and that each has benefits that need to be realised and harnessed within the ever-changing economic reality

Yesterday and Today frames of reference are almost exclusively the domain of management.

'Doing' of management:

  • what happened?
  • how many?
  • why not?
  • tell me here/when?

Today and Tomorrow frames of reference are almost exclusively the domain of leadership.

'Being' a leader:

  • what needs to be different?
  • where are we heading that’s different?
  • why I believe you can do this?
  • how we will feel when we get there?
  • what help do you need?
  • what ideas have you got?

Leadership is personal. And leadership is about an intention to release and change whereas management is about an intention to control.

Both are important - both will not develop naturally in the way and timescales most organisations need.

We help leaders manage and managers lead and we support and enable organisations to pull forward together for high performance through a range of development, coaching and consultancy services.

Questions we have been asked by clients:

"Are our leaders the leaders our business needs for this phase of
our development or are they being the leaders they find it easiest to be?