pan brand european leadership

One of the largest European pan brand leadership programmes run to prepare leaders at critical parts of the business to rise to the challenges of a changing automobile industry in the 21st century

Business situation

A fragmented management and leadership development curriculum, in need of alignment, operating within a business experiencing unprecedented commercial pressure, needed a world class leadership development structure that addressed the current and future needs of the organisation and the individual, and an approach that could be scaled to suit any leadership audience, irrespective of level, size or geography.

Activity and intervention

A six month leadership development programme split into four phases:

  • leading self
  • leading others
  • leading the business
  • leading the future.

Delivered via four leaning events followed by four 1-2-1 coaching sessions, sustainable e-learning via Leaders on Lineemergentedge’s own leadership web site facility - and supported by self generated data in the form of personal behavioural feedback using our profiling tools BASIS and Motivation to Change, 360 feedback and situational leadership.

Outcomes achieved

  • first pan brand programme run by the company
  • recognised as one of the ten largest leadership development programmes run in Europe at the time
  • significant over demand and increased number of programmes run for five years to 2009
  • continued demand despite significant business pressure and turnover decline
  • consistent ROI targets achieved and exceeded
  • as some of the brands separated and were sold, maintained participation and separate programmes
  • recognition of a changed leadership culture.

“Thank you both so much for an excellent 'journey' through the Realising Leadership Capability experience. I have to say that it's unquestionably the most thought provoking and self-analytical program I've ever been on and one which has already started to have a powerful impact on both my personal and business life. I feel incredibly lucky to have been selected”