franchise brand partnering

With 150 franchise businesses and 500+ company-owned outlets, our client was keen to maximize the franchising revenues now and in the future and, in particular, to attract and retain the very best brand partners to develop the business potential.

Business Situation

Some of the brand partners had operated extremely well – others had not – understanding why and how to recruit for success had become a key business requirement.

With the purchase of a major player across Europe in their sector the client was keen to explore the opportunities for brand partnering revenue development.

Activity and Intervention

Our initial involvement centred on supporting the client to answer the following:

  • Who are your current top performers (top 20%) today and what are their behavioural preferences?
  • What are the differences between this group and the rest of the population?
  • What types of performance can we expect from different types (from our Typology)?
    For example, it could be:
    - Will they be early winners and fall off?
    - Will they ramp slowly but come on stronger later?
    - Will they be balanced from the start and remain at a steady level but never set the world alight?
    - Will they be ‘not-balanced’ but be strong performers because of a particular set of characteristics?

Outcomes Achieved

  • Improved success rate of recruited and retained high performing brand partners by a factor of 70%.
  • On going process of brand partner performance assessment now incorporated in the process of recruitment across the company.

Using our profile tools and research we were able to design and create a very successful recruitment and development process capable of identifying and developing the very best brand partner (franchise) performers.

“We now understand what to look for in our brand managers and we can measure it!”