merging businesses and teams

The merged IS function of a major organisation, the bringing together of the IT departments of the two businesses into a single information services and technology business

Business situation

Four separate IS functions were brought together to create one central internal IS function:

  • no clear vision, brand or identity
  • lack of strong leadership to lead 1500 IS employees in the creation of the new function
  • disparate IS systems, processes, software and culture
  • pressure to increase efficiency, reduce costs, enhance customer experience and drive business forward
  • lack of cohesive senior leadership team
  • poor use of 1st level management resources.

Activity and intervention

  • learning sets were created – cross functional and cross directorate
  • a learning programme was designed and delivered to focus on leading self and leading others
  • 360 degree feedback process was used at the beginning and end of programme
  • learning set for directors mirrored the learning of managers were experiencing
  • four leadership days were established per year
  • directors were provided with personal coaching in order to develop their leadership capability to act as role models
  • a steering team was established to review programme outcomes and success
  • coaching was provided on an 'as needed' basis for managers.

Outcomes achieved

  • the successful creation of an IS vision and core values to underpin the function in terms of core behaviours – new logo and new brand
  • a shared language and understanding of what leadership meant was embedded within the IS function
  • perception of value within the business units for the role of IS grew substantially
  • significant shifts in e-sat (employee satisfaction) scores and culture benchmarks were recorded
  • personal development breakthroughs and 'a-ha!' moments by many managers attending the programme were experienced
  • stretching targets and key deliverables were achieved including improved business performance and greater 'talent' retention
  • greater unity across the function became apparent with more references to the future rather than the past.

“A hugely effective process to create synergy and momentum within the function”