MTCI - Motivation To Change Inventory

The Motivation To Change Inventory™ measures an individual's motivation to change and their preferred style in managing change.

Preparedness, comfort or discomfort and the capability and desire to flex behaviours in change situations can be crucial factors for both individuals and organisations in terms of achieving success in changing environments.

The MTCI profile can therefore be used as a coaching tool with individuals and teams to better understand where individual / team preferences lie and to 'engage' in discussions around the capacity, the potential and the motivation to change.

Features include:

  • flexible architecture
  • online and on paper
  • robust practitioner input
  • tailored feedback and data analysis
  • practitioner and individual reports
  • for team, organisation and individual
  • consulting design service to ensure fit with organisational language and application.

Many of our client relationships have started as a result of a conversation generated by the trial of one of our profiles. To experience MTCI for yourself simply click ON the MTCI LINK below and we will create an account for you and contact you when your report is ready. 

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